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Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Action Fuels Achievement

Dearest friends,

Here is a very interesting article written by Josh Hinds that I

would like to share with you.

I was reading a magazine recently when something caught my
eye. The article mentioned that most people that exercised
regularly (and as a result tended to be in the best shape)
were those guys and gals that didn't so much plan out when
they would work out, but rather simply worked out regularly
without giving much thought to specifically when they would
make time to do so.

At first I thought to myself ... self, how on earth with
such busy lives that we lead do these folks ever find the
time to get their work outs in?

After a bit of pondering on this it became glaringly obvious
that by taking this approach they weren't allowing
themselves to fall victim to the part of us that over
analyzes things. You know the one I'm talking about.

The part of us that says I don't have time to work out --
I've got to get home in time to make dinner. I've got to
stay late at the office. I've got to (insert whatever you'd
like here). No, they simply acted on their initial impulse
to work out. To get that bit of exercise they felt they

Such a simple thought, to do that set of push ups or go for
that walk or run instead of going through all the trouble to
schedule it in.

I couldn't help but think, by how applying this same
approach to just about any of our goals we wouldn't find
ourselves getting more accomplished.

Consider how many lost goals and otherwise would be
achievements we experience simply because we wait around for
the right time to get started -- and in the process never
get the necessary action going to get started in the first

Take a moment to really give the above statement some

Is there ever really a "perfect time" to set out in pursuit
of your goals? I mean really. Is a month from now, two
weeks, or a day from now going to be any better than right
now at this very moment. Probably not. That's just the way
things work.

Life is filled with any number of things that will shift and
change and inevitably occupy our limited time, if we don't
first take the initiative to fill it with those things we
want to implement in our lives.

Each of us is given the same number of hours in the day (24
-- last I checked). The same number of days in a week -- 7.
And days in a year ... 365 (unless it's a leap year).

Starting now get into the mind set that time -- or a lack
there of won't stop you from working towards achieving those
things that you want to see manifest in your life. Instead
of looking for the right time to get started, just get going
on them and allow yourself the wiggle room to move and adapt
to any change that might be necessary to get you to where
you want to be.

As the saying goes, "you don't have to get it right starting
out, you just have to get going".

Change is inevitable, and in some instances it is true that
we can't control every single thing that happens to us. Even
so there are active steps we can take that will help to
guide us in the direction of those things we desire. Simply
sitting still and idle is one sure way to keep yourself from
realizing your dreams.

Dream big and feed your dreams with the necessary amount of
action and as a result you are sure to attain your own
definition of success.

Keep this thought in mind: Even the best laid out goals are
simply dreams until you add the fuel of action that gets you
on the path towards achieving them.

-- Here's to your success, Josh Hinds

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